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Shalom Home in Fort Walton Beach, FL


Wholeness and healing thrive within the embrace of community.


A comforting bed, a secure setting, and a caring community are essential foundations for healing.


A sense of wholeness is often found by establishing a home to call your own.

Wholeness, Healing & Community: Transforming Lives Together.

Providing safe, peaceful and stable recovery housing

FARR Certified LEVEL II MAT Recovery House

in Okaloosa County, FL


for Men
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The Shalom Home Foundation has successfully met all the criteria outlined by FS.397.487, earning the designation of a Level II FARR Certified Residence. 

For additional information about the Florida Association of Recovery Residences, kindly click the button below.

Mike and Marge are the directors and founders of the Shalom Home Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate transformation by providing a safe and sober community for individuals grappling with substance abuse, trauma and re-entry challenges. Our dedication lies in guiding these individuals towards a healthier way of life through sobriety, all while embracing a compassionate approach to healing and overall well-being.

Mike and Marge Gross: Founders of Shalom Home Foundation


Housing can transform lives

The Shalom Home Foundation offers top-notch, clean and sober shared housing in desirable neighborhoods for individuals on the path to recovery from addiction, trauma, and incarceration. We are dedicated to providing the support and resources needed to assist you in rebuilding your life. Collaborating with various agencies, we empower individuals with skills that pave the way to employment, personal growth, and an improved quality of life.

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Shalom Home Foundation Level II Recovery Home in Okaloosa County
Getting started is easy!
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Step 1: Apply for housing

Take the first step today...

Step 2: Let's talk about goals

Let's figure out, together, what will help you get back on your feet and empower you to live a changed life
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Step 3: Rebuild your life

In a short time you will see be able to see how living in a Shalom Home has changed your life

Community Partnerships

The Shalom Home is pending FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residences) certification
Career Source is a partner of the Shalom Home Foundation
Employ U is a partner of the Shalom Home Foundation
Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce
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