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About Us

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Our Story:

Mike and Marge Gross have served in Christian ministry for over 30 years leading churches and ministries across the US. Together they have mentored people of all ages, all different backgrounds and situations to help transform their lives. 

Mike is also a certified John Maxwell coach, and Positive Psychology Practitioner.

Marge is certified with Light University as a Christian Mental Health coach. 

“We have always had a heart to help people heal spiritually, emotionally and mentally. And we want to serve the disenfranchised in our society. 

In reality, for someone to truly heal, people need to feel safe physically. So we started the Shalom Home Foundation to accomplish both. “

Meet the Shalom Home Foundation Board of Directors


Mike Gross

Vice President
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I have a deep desire to help others and have had the honor of serving others as my career for more than 30 years. Along with my awesome wife of 20 years, Marge, I have moved all across the United States leading churches and ministries, teaching, coaching and speaking, with the desire to empower others to live more successful, happy, peaceful and fulfilling lives and grow in their relationship with God. I have had the joy of personally witnessing many, many lives that have radically changed when given a second chance. Those people have deeply changed my life in return and gave my life purpose.

In 2020, at the start of the pandemic, I was laid off from leading a small church in Alabama and moved to Florida. For the past couple years I worked on redefining my life and moving in a new direction. In this time I became a certified John Maxwell coach, a Positive Psychology Practitioner and founded MetaMind Coaching.

In 2022, I was introduced to shared housing and I immediately knew this was God's new direction and ministry for my life that would allow me to use my gifts and resources to change the lives of others.

I bring my 30 years experience in people management, communication skills and passion for helping the underdog succeed to those facing housing insecurity in the Emerald Coast of Florida. I am very excited for all the lives that will be changed through the Shalom Home Foundation!


Marge Gross

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Shalom Home Foundation is a blessing from God. To be able to give a person a second chance to start over is an honor and a privilege.. I know firsthand what it’s like to have to start over. When I immigrated to the US from the Philippines almost 40 years ago, I landed in an unfamiliar country, culture and environment, away from all my loved ones. It was exciting but also scary. What I longed for was to be in a safe place that gave me security and where I felt accepted for being different. The residents we provide housing for are in a similar situation. Whether someone is  re-enterring society after incarceration, or needing a place to recover, or aging out of the foster system, or a senior living on very limited income, the foundational need is the same. The need to have a place and a community where you’re accepted for who you are, a place where you know you're safe and secure, a place to call HOME! 

I am so grateful for the various families that housed me and made me part of their family when I first moved to this country all by myself. Looking back, I don't know how I would have learned to open a bank account, get my Drivers license, my Social Security card, write a resume, and look for a job. With Shalom Home Foundation, I am able to help others in a similar situation, I am Paying It Forward.


Kym Vasquez

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I have always enjoyed helping others improve their station in life. I have been an executive recruiter and career coach for the last 20 years. I am a third-generation immigrant and have really loved seeing how each generation has contributed more and more to our beautiful country. My father is a Navy Veteran and I've seen too many veterans not have the respect and life they deserve returning to private life from public service. I am happily married to a great man who also lives to help people grow and thrive spiritually. We are active in our church and community as well as being active globally in humanitarian efforts. Together we adopted two beautiful boys through foster care. Unfortunately, while fostering we heard way too many stories of children not getting adopted and aging out of the foster care system without the help they need to face the world as confident adults. As a Director of a non-profit that is the sole source for an orphanage in Mathare, Kenya I have loved seeing the children blossom by providing a safe place to live and the opportunity to have a solid education. This has truly inspired me to do everything I can to help those who just need a little help to have a great future. For all of these reasons and more, I knew I had to be a part of the Shalom Home Foundation.


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The missing link to experiencing wholeness is often a place to call home, a place where you belong. Wholeness means body, soul, and spirit are all functioning together so you can give and receive love. To be whole means that nothing is missing, lacking or broken in your mind, soul, spirit or body. Wholeness is the state of being content, at peace, taken care of, and healed from the inside out. You’re no longer a victim to the things of your past. The stains of regret have been wiped away. The worries of the world have grown dim. To be truly whole means you are healing to mend the cracks in your soul, spirit and physical body caused by hurt, pain, illness and just life. Healing restores to wholeness that which has been broken.


Having a warm bed in a safe and stable home in a desirable neighborhood is a big step to start the healing process. When housing insecurity is resolved, a person’s stress response is lowered and healing can happen. Healing the mind, body and soul promotes peace, both emotionally, mentally and relationally.

Guided Meditation


Support Group

Each Shalom home promotes an integrated community, where there is a sense of kinship, camaraderie and connectedness. There is a place and a role for each person, people feel valued and empowered to be their best. No one is deprived of the opportunity to live life to the full. Strong communities are always evolving. Effective communities also embrace conflict and diversity, people make better decisions when they consider others. They aren’t immune from tough circumstances, instead they adapt and become stronger as they cope together.

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